Ist Executive Parent- Management Body Meet

Ist Executive Parent- Management Body Meet

The first normal Executive Parent- Management Body meeting was successfully held at our campus on June 16, 2016.

The following participants took active part in the meeting and shared their valuable suggestions apart from approving some important policies of the school.

The participants were:

Prof. ( Dr. ) Rumaysa Sangeen                                                        (Parent Body)

Mr. Syed Arshad Hussain Kashani                                                 (Parent Body)

Dr Syed Suhail Amin Shah                                                               (Parent Body)

Prof. ( Dr. ) Shabeena Shawl                                                            (Parent Body)

Prof. ( Dr. ) Sheikh Ajaz Muhammad                                              (Parent Body)

Mr. Chowdhary Muhammad Showkat . (Chairman)                   (Management Body-HTPS)

Dr. Basheer Ahmad Khan ( Principal )                                           (Management Body-HTPS)

Mrs. Qurat ul Ain. ( Vice Principal & HOD )                                   (Management Body-HTPS)

Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Wani ( HOD )                                                   (Management Body-HTPS)

Ms. Tabasum Jameel ( Faculty )                                                      (Management Body-HTPS)

Ms. Nida Maqbool ( Faculty )                                                           (Management Body-HTPS)

Ms. Yasmeen Chesti ( Faculty )                                                        (Management Body-HTPS)

Mr. Dilbar Khan ( I .T Incharge )                                                       (Management I.T)

Following was resolved and Okayed after a thorough cross questioning and discussions:


Admission Policy,

Fee Policy,

Academic Promotion,

Uniform Policy,

Transport Policy,

HR and PR Policy,

I.T Policy,

Marketing Policy,

School Visiting Hours Policy,

Events, Sports and Guest Extracurricular Activities,

Reception and Guest Relation Policies,

Hospitality Policy,

We are compiling the set of above rules and policies and the same shall be circulated shortly.

Overall the meeting was very productive and peaceful with clear objectives and future forecast about HTPS and its successful operations.